Srinagar Biennale
Srinagar ( city ) is anywhere, everywhere, nowhere. Nothing happens in Srinagar. Something always keeps happening in Srinagar. It is unpredictable. It keeps growing. In Srinagar ideas are tasted and encountered differently. Hospitality and hostility play out an even game. The boundaries between ideas, affects and effects shift constantly and get challenged endlessly. This is a true plane to invigorate practice; a plane that can enrich and remake our sense of contemporaneity, simultaneity and multiplicity.  

The air of Srinagar city is ancient, a city held together by a songlike yet sad, shrinking yet unpredictable river. Amidst its ruins, vibrant gardens and lakes are embedded part spoken and part unspoken, part twisted and part folded histories; ordinary dreams made extraordinary, part legible, part illegible; part fragrant melodies, shying mountains and polluted water bodies; part whispering, part yearning for everyone to come and tell a story. 

Srinagar Biennale sees itself as a RHIZOMATIC composition. With a node in Srinagar, it is best served by the appearance of other nodes, in other places, ranging from the most unpredictable and inhospitable landscapes, to the most enlightened and hospitable of locations. It dances to multiple frequencies with an expansive movement. Srinagar Biennale forsakes claims to attention as a single event, and instead stretches across time — breaks its banks, overflows, and demands a different, non­ rivalrous order of consideration. It sees itself as an eruption that transmits possibilities and interactions, to keep disturbing and repositioning the partition of the sensible.

Core members:
Inder Salim. Showkat Kathjoo. Hilal Khan. Bushra Mir. Veer Munshi. Rajender Tikku. Syed Mujtaba Rizvi. Khurshid Ahmad. Masood Hussain. Vivek Raina. Waseem Mushtaq. Tushar Joag. Sajad Hamdani


Tushar Joag

Naushad Gayoor 
Showkat Kathjoo

Parvez Imam
Janine Schmutz


( The area ) Tamara De

Advisory :
Parvez Imam. Tanveer Ajsi. Sadanand Memon. Jeebesh Bagchi. Nikhil Chopra, Nilima Sheikh.

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